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Project Fact Sheet 026/2018


Discretionary Portfolio Management Project

Discretionary Portfolio Management at Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST)
Project ID: 00262018

Project Description

This project provides a customized approach for the surplus and assets of businessmen, business professionals and individuals according to their risk and return apatite. Fund objective is to manage investors’ assets without distracting them from their own businesses or jobs. In order to reduce risk and maximize financial returns, this fund will distribute the assets over multiple types of high yield interest-free financial market instruments to provide our fund unitholders with quality investment opportunities, managed by experienced portfolio and risk professionals.
By diversifying our fund’s portfolio, we can reduce its volatility, meanwhile, mitigate the market risk across several asset types.
A well composed and diversified portfolio increases the chance for a long-term wining potential: as investment in diverse assets increases the chance of participating in the gains, while reducing the impact of inevitable losses during hard times. It also avoids the need for constant adjustment to follow a market trend, as well as quick liquidity options.
After agreeing with our implementing partners on our overall strategy and expectations, with a discretionary program Lyra holding can delegate the day-to-day management of our fund assets to implementing partners. Our fund includes a wide choice of Islamic (interest-free equities) equities traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Istanbul Stock Exchange is the 32nd largest exchange out of the 79 stock exchanges we track. The Borsa Istanbul’s Market Capitalization is $177.75 Billion adjusted US Dollars as of March 2018. Although the primary currency used by the Borsa Istanbul is the Turkey Lira (YTL).

The population in Turkey is approximately 77.8 Million people and the country has a GDP of $821.8 Billion adjusted US Dollars. Turkey ranks 17th in terms of population and 171st in terms of GDP out of 240 countries and country equivalents.

Market Capitalization to GDP ratio, which when compared to the historic ratio is an indicator that a market is over or under valued, is 21.63%

Launching Date 1th June ,2018

Yeni Bosna Merkez Mah.
Ladin Sk. Kuyumcukent Kompleksi. Magaza Blogu, Plaza-1 .Kat-4. Office No: 3&4
34197 Bahcelievler
Istanbul – Turkey

Project budget
Total budget: USD 1,000.000
Minimum share per investor: USD 100.000

Project Partners
Implementing Partner: Maqasid, Istanbul International Financial Center Barbaros Mah. Mor Sümbül Sok. Varyap Meridian Business I Blok K:2 D:27 PK:34746 Ataşehir Istanbul / Turkey

Responsible Parties: Lyra Yatırım Holding

Other Partners:
Borsa İstanbul A.Ş.
Address: Borsa İstanbul, Resitpasa Mahallesi, Borsa İstanbul Caddesi No: 4, Sariyer, 34467, Istanbul / TURKEY

Contributing Unitholders
medium-to-high net worth individuals and institutions: USD 1.000.000

Project Delivery

Funding Shortfall
Funding Shortfall:   USD 400.000

Main Activities in 2018
• Create pooled fund
• Finalize plans, implementation techniques, control processes with Implementing partner
• Launch activities at Q3/ 2018

Project Document
https://lyraholding.com/discretionary-portfolio-management -project

Fund Development Goal
Goals for Q3-Q4 /2018, through marketing fund: USD 400.000 targeted
Goals for Q1-Q4/2019, through fund development: USD 3.000.000 targeted
Goals for 2020-2025, through products and markets development: USD 20..000.000 targeted

Lyra Yatırım Holding
E-mail: ınfo@layraholding.com . Yeni Bosna Merkez Mah.
Ladin Sk. Kuyumcukent Kompleksi. Magaza Blogu, Plaza-1 .Kat-4. Office No: 3&4
34197 Bahcelievler
Istanbul – Turkey