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What is Lyra Holding Group?
Founded in 2018, The Lyra Holding Group is a regional alternative asset manager based in Istanbul, with offices on three continents (Dubai; ASIA, Algeria; AFRICA, Turkey; EUROPE). Lyra Holding invests across different segments – Corporate Private Equity (buyout and growth capital), Gold, Warehousing, Real Assets (real estate, infrastructure and energy), and Investment Solutions (funds that invest in private equity funds).
Who leads the firm?
Lyra Holding is led by Co-Founders; Dr.A.Samer Al-Osh and Mr.M.Mussulli. Those two individuals comprise the Executive Group. Advising the Executive Group is a 3-person Management Committee.
Where did Lyra Holding get its name?
The Founders hoped to create an institution that would inspired them, so rather than using traditional names, they chose to name the firm with famous star name“LYRA” in Turkish language.
Do former senior government officials work at Lyra Holding?
Several former senior government officials worked with Lyra Holding in various advisory and other capacities. Today, Lyra Holding boasts a group of former corporate executives, with an average of 40 years’ experience, who serve as Operating Executives. These executives assist our investment teams in analyzing industries, sourcing transactions, creating value, mentoring portfolio company management and generating returns for our investors.
In what industry sectors does Lyra Holding specialize?
Lyra Holding professionals have expertise in various industries, including: financial services, industrial, real estate, technology & business services, metals trading and logistics.
Who are Lyra Holding’s investors?
Lyra Holding has two sets of investors: those who commit capital to our specific funds and those who own units in Lyra Holding Group A.Ş, our privately traded limited partnership.

Our purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of our fund investors, which include medium-to-high net worth individuals and institutions. Through our funds investors, people around the region are beneficiaries of Lyra Holding’s investments.

A core component of our firm culture is that our fund investors come first. We believe this philosophy is in the long-term best interests of both sets of investors. Simply put, if we serve our fund investors well, our unitholders will benefit.

Where can I find Lyra Holding’s financial data and public investor information?
To see all of Lyra Holding’s financial data, including earnings, quarterly fund valuations, annual reports and projects’ filings, please visit our Website; www.lyraholding.com.
Who owns The Lyra Holding Group?
Lyra Holding is a private owned company. Lyra Holding has two groups of owners: two co-founders of Lyra Holding, Future strategic investors (private unitholders).
Who owns the companies and other assets in which Lyra Holding invests?
The companies, real estate and other assets in which Lyra Holding invests are owned by the funds that made the investments at different sectors.
What is One Lyra Holding?
Ours is a culture of performance through collaboration. Lyra Holding professionals work together seamlessly and selflessly across funds, industries and geographies to deliver the wisdom, knowledge and resources required to invest wisely and create value for our investors. We call our collaborative spirit One Lyra Holding.
How is Lyra Holding as a place to work?
Lyra Holding is a high energy, service-oriented environment that rewards hard work, collaboration and innovation. Perhaps the greatest appeal of Lyra Holding is the palpable sense that you are helping to build a business. Our colleagues, including investment professionals, are the carriers of our One Lyra Holding culture. Many of those professionals share in the success of our value creation efforts through their compensation, and the vast majority of professionals are future unitholders. We also believe strongly in hiring locally in each of the countries in which we operate, as local knowledge and expertise are key to understanding a particular market.
How does Lyra Holding create value?
We call our value creation model The Lyra Holding Edge. We use our One Lyra Holding regional network, deep industry knowledge, Executive Operations Group and portfolio intelligence to create and execute a customized value creation plan for each of our corporate private equity and real asset investments.
Lyra Holding often talks about ‘alignment of interest’ – what does that mean?
The private equity model of value creation has many virtues, but one foundational aspect is fundamental to this industry’s long-term success: alignment of interests.

The goal is to align the interests of fund investors, Lyra Holding professionals and portfolio company management so that we all rise or fall together. Since inception, Lyra Holding Operating Executives, Senior Advisors and other professionals have committed their own money alongside our fund investors. When an investment succeeds, all parties benefit. When an investment fails, all parties lose. This is a powerful motivator for Lyra Holding professionals and portfolio company management to work in tandem to create value for our investors.

Lyra Holding often talks about its ‘conservative investment approach’ – what does that mean?
Simply put, rather than swing for the fences with every investment, we strive for consistency, hitting singles, doubles, and triples with fewer strike-outs. We
believe our 30-years personal track record demonstrates the wisdom and soundness of this approach.