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Project Fact Sheet 06/2018


Gold Trading’s Service Project

Strengthening Capacity and Service Delivery of Gold Trading from Small-to-Medium size mines to authorized Istanbul and Dubai refineries
Project ID: 00062018

Project Description
The overall objective of Gold trading sector in a nutshell will be
based on explore short term opportunities that are available in
gold added-value chain that starts from gold mines and end at
gold retail shops. Those opportunities are available mostly in
Gold logistics and need special networking and relationships.
This kind of investment offer short-term, low-risk, mediumprofit
combination that will be attractive to investors who
would like to keep their savings out of currency risk and at
short liquidation cycle.
Seven interrelated outputs have been conceived to achieve this
1. Activate trust circles within gold added-value chain.
2. Improved systemized processes from small-to-medium
sized mines from African gold mines.
3. Improving Access to gold refineries’’ services through legal
standardized One Door Service.
4. Programme support (oversight, coordination, results
based monitoring, legal controlled processes)

Launching Date 1th June ,2018

Yeni Bosna Merkez Mah.
Ladin Sk. Kuyumcukent Kompleksi. Magaza
Blogu, Plaza-1 .Kat-4. Office No: 3&4
34197 Bahcelievler
Istanbul – Turkey

Project budget
Total budget: USD 2,500,000 (#50 Kg Gold)
Minimum share per investor: 1 Kg gold

Project Partners
Implementing Partner: Danat Dubai, Gold
Center Bldg. Office 92 P.O.Box
Responsible Parties: Lyra Yatırım Holding
Other Partners:
Dubai Customs: www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae
Republic Of Turkey/Ministry of Customs and
Trade: www.gtb.gov.tr/trade/customs
Development Partners:
Nadir Refinery-Istanbul (LMBA)
Once Refinery-Istanbul (LMBA)
Al Etihad Refinery (Dubai)

Contributing Unitholders
medium-to-high net worth individuals and
institutions: 30 Kg Gold

Project Delivery


Funding Shortfall
Funding Shortfall: 20 Kg Gold

Main Activities in 2018

  • Create pooled fund
  • Legalize and Standardize all processes and Transactions
  • Launch activities at 25th of June 2018

Project Document

Fund Development Goal
Goals for Q3-Q4/2018, through improved governance and accountable use of this fund: 20 Kg Gold targeted
Goals for Q1-Q4/2019, through opening more points in Africa: 100 Kg Gold

Lyra Yatırım Holding
E-mail: ınfo@layraholding.com . Yeni Bosna Merkez Mah.
Ladin Sk. Kuyumcukent Kompleksi. Magaza Blogu, Plaza-1 .Kat-4. Office No: 3&4
34197 Bahcelievler
Istanbul – Turkey

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